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Honey eye drops recipe

Honey eye drops recipe

Glaucoma is an eye disease and refers many eye conditions that damage the optic nerve. It affects the vision power and has four main types as: Chronic open-angle glaucoma, primary angle-closure glaucomasecondary glaucoma and developmental glaucoma congenital glaucoma.

Chronic open-angle glaucoma is more common in many people and others types are rare. Chronic open-angle glaucoma develops with a very slow rate than others. Glaucoma affects eye vision power and without proper treatment is cause to blindness.

In Glaucoma treatmentwe sharing some almost effective Home remedies for Glaucoma. So you can use these 8 impressive home remedies to treat Glaucoma at home. Grind some Almond kernels and Black Peppercorns with water and filter.

Finally add some sugar-candy and use this in Glaucoma treatment. Mix onions extract with natural honey 20 mg each and add 4 gm camphor. Finally apply daily in night in eyes to cure Glaucoma. Raisins contains Vitamin A, Beta- karotin and karotinides which are very useful for eyes. Mix equal amount of Fennel seed and Coriander. Grind an old piece of brick and filtrate properly. Dip this powder in milk of Calotropis Calotropis procera completely and wait to dry the milk.

In 10 gm of dry powder add Cloves powder. Sniffing times a day, this powder. Hence this is also a very effective one in all Home remedies for Glaucoma. Daily use one drop as a eye drop to cure Glaucoma. Hence, use these 8 best most noteworthy Ayurvedic Home remedies for Glaucoma in Glaucoma treatment. Tags: chronic open-angle glaucoma Glaucoma causes Glaucoma cure glaucoma disease glaucoma eye Glaucoma remedies Glaucoma treatment Glaucoma types herbs for glaucoma how to treat glaucoma.

March 7, February 8, September 30, Your email address will not be published. Top 10 Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment. Top 11 Best Fitkari Alum Uses. Home remedies for Glaucoma 1. Rub the betel nut with water and apply this on eyes to treat eye swelling. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.However, there are some natural ways which are safer and easier than the invasive ways of altering the natural hue of the eyes.

That is definitely untrue and there is serious research on this matter.

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Now, we all need to know what are the concerns and how to use honey before making our own judgment. Evidence has shown that many have managed to lighten their eye colors and therefore I wanted to ensure you have some facts. Read on to find out more on how to use honey to naturally lighten your eyes.

honey eye drops recipe

While many people think that putting something in the eyes other than conventional eye drops is not safe, honey is actually safe for the eyes. It has been used for centuries to treat and heal for wounds and also for the eyes all naturally.

Manuka honey 2 is the best of its kind and possesses anti-bacterial properties that are perfect to be used as an eye drop.


Using pure honey with some water is recommended to lighten the color of your eyes naturally. Honey contains a certain amount of natural Hydrogen Peroxide which acts as a strong oxidizing agent with a presence of melanin 3.

This makes it work like a bleaching agent that lightens the shade of your iris to make the eyes look lighter in shade. What you really need to remember is that Hydrogen Peroxide is already used to lighten the color of the hair. And that is why honey is used instead of directly applying Hydrogen Peroxide.

It will surely damage it and it is not safe. There is evidence that honey can help your eyes healing and honey does not damage the eye if used appropriately. While honey is readily available in a grocery store, any kind of honey will not work to lighten your eyes. Raw Beech honeydew or Manuka honey is the type that really works.

honey eye drops recipe

You can prepare a DIY eye drops to lighten your eye color using just two ingredients — honey and water. It is a quality mark used to identify unadulterated manuka honey as produced in New Zealand.

But you can also find it elsewhere in the USA. Find below a good example of a Manuka honey. Click here if you want to get some for yourselves. While it is impossible to change the original color of the iris because it is genetically embedded in your genes.

There are numerous positive reviews online about using honey to lighten the eye color to a few shades. What is important is research and I have provided some links above.

Click o the numbers above to find more information and decide for yourselves. Featuring natural bleaching properties, honey is typically used as a home remedy for lightening dark spots and skin tone. It is this bleaching ability that makes it possible to use honey to lighten dark brown eyes and make them look lighter.

So, to answer the question, yes it is possible, but you need to do it the right way and it takes some time before you see any results. As said above, Manuka honey is the best type of honey and has beneficial properties and a high nutrient content making it superior to other honey kinds. Close the dropper bottle and shake properly to combine the honey and water. Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water to dissolve the honey. Warm it up before use by placing in a bowl of hot water or by keeping out for sometime.Paste as plain text instead.

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How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Eye Drops for Pterygium

Report post. Posted October 15, So I have to make it up myself. For instance, I have pure glutathione powder, and I can dissolve it in water, but how do I know how much would be 1. I make my own colloidal silver. I would like to add measured amounts of the two powders glutathione and sodium ascorbate plus x amount of the DMSO to 4 or 8 ounces take your pick of CS to get the desired ratio of each item.

I can then simply stir the mixture and wait for the powders to dissolve and put it all in a dropper bottle for use as eye drops.

honey eye drops recipe

But I have no idea how much of each of the powders to add to achieve the desired ratios. Can anyone advise me on this? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. In creating recipes, decide if it's weight or volume you are going with. In this case I'm not sure I'd worry with it. Then divvy it into 10 or parts by wt or by volume and weigh or measure it out. Not sure where your recipe came from but you might want to double check if it's sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid you want to use.

While saline at certain concentrations doesn't hurt the eye, I don't know how to determine how sodium ascorbate works with the eye. They may not dissolve in the DMSO. Add the DMSO to the water mixture, not the other way around. The hard part is getting the appropriate solutions of Glutathione and AA.

If memory serves, find the saturation point of both substances.I went to 3 doctors including an ENT, to try and find a solution to my tearing, red, swollen, irritated eyes. My left eye was constantly wet and it often felt like grit was in my eyes.

The right eye was never as bad. I tried so many eyedrops, as well as the warm compresses, and eyewashes, and an antibiotic cream. At first it was just raw honey and I saw an improvement within 2 days. So I bought Manuka honey and kept at it with diluting it half distilled water and half Manuka honey. It burned like crazy for a few minutes, but several minutes later They just got so much better. The redness left, the irritation left but the tearing remained.

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I finally started smearing straight honey on my eyelids and got some in my eyes of course. I left it on there for about 10 min, then rinsed it off to remove the stickiness. Once again I am so thankful to find this out!! I will never try drops again. Manuka honey will be my go to treatment from now on. It keeps my eyes moisturized and loses that dried out feeling. I am no longer a slave to treating my eyes 4 times a day.

When they feel a little dry I will grab the honey. Good luck to all of you with this problem. I was depressed and feeling so hopeless before.

The doctors don't have a clue what to do about this Manuka honey does! Some adults are not able to take undiluted honey as they find that the stinging sensation on the eye unbearable. It may be necessary to dilute the honey for your daughter but even then you will need to go slow on the application and monitor any sensitive reactions.

Also, be careful in using clean pure water for dilution to avoid any contamination.The head of a company that produces antibacterial honey eye-drops and gel as a dry eye treatment has reassured optometrists that the products do not contain contaminated honey and patients can use the products with confidence.

Anthony Moloney was commenting after news reports on Thursday quoted research suggesting that Australian honey was the most contaminated in the world and had on average four times more pyrrolizidine alkaloids PA than European honeys. Honey from these bees can contain PA. Beekeeper producers of medical grade Manuka honey were paid up to 10 times more than standard beekeepers and would not risk their livelihood by mixing the honey with other species, he said. Melcare produces eye-drops and gel containing Australian Leptospermum, commonly called Manuka or Jelly Bush, selected for its high and consistent level of antibacterial benefits.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand said PA-contaminated honey was unlikely to pose a health risk based on the type of PA present and honey consumption levels in Australia, and there had been no reports globally of poisoning due to PA contaminants from honey.

Australian bee researcher Dr Nadine Chapman from the University of Sydney said industry was aware of the issue and had taken steps to mitigate it. University of Adelaide pharmacology lecturer Dr Ian Musgrave said PA were toxic chemicals that could cause liver and lung damage and long-term consumption might increase cancer risk.

While PA could produce cancer in rats, evidence for cancer in humans was indirect and for most Australian honeys the risk was low. He said average daily consumption, three teaspoons, would be safe. Mr Moloney said another Manuka honey product being rolled out to optometrists was Manuka Derma Care cream, which contains 25 per cent Leptospermum sp honey for use on eye-lids in blepharitis and on the face. It has previously been used only in hospitals in Australia on burns and cosmetic surgery patients but is now available exclusively for optometrists to sell to patients.

He said optometrists had often asked him about skin treatment for rosacea and flaky skin on the face and eyelids in patients with dry eye and this product could now be recommended.

honey eye drops recipe

Prev Next.This solution will sting initially! However, most find that the relief is worth that initial sting. If you find the solution is too strong for you, try a weaker apple cider vinegar solution. By clicking "Post Comment" you agree to the terms of the Earth Clinic LLC service agreement and the privacy policy statement, and that you are 13 or older. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of follow-up comments to my post via e-mail.

Angela, I also have a pinguecula have you tried this solution on yours yet? If so how were your results?? I have had pterygium in both eyes for 3 years. I looked online for a natural solution to the problem since I couldn't afford surgery which is not only too costly but will not provide a permanent solution as pterygium is said to reappear after surgery. I came across this website.

I mixed 4 part water and 1 part ACV and applied that very night.

Honey for Eye Infection - 2011 to 2014 Postings

I woke in the morning and was surprised to notice the pterygium had shrunk a little. I have been using this solution for 2 months and the pterygium is almost gone.

However, note that the solution stings a little but subsides moments after. I encourage any one with pterygium to try it. My only regret is that I didn't take pictures of the stage of the pterygium before treatment. I personally want to thank the folks at earth clinic for making this known to us. How long did it take for yours to disappear?

Did it return? My eyes were getting infected every 3 to 4 weeks and were prone to getting bloodshot most of the time.If you are suffering from irritated or dry eyes, you can make homemade natural eye drops to help with your symptoms.

Eyes can become irritated, red or itchy for a variety of reasons. Some causes include an injury or scratch, allergies, contact lenses and lack of sleep. You can purchase over-the-counter remedies for irritated eyes that help temporarily. Before you try making and using homemade eye drops, remember that they are not a substitute for medical care. If you are suffering for more than a day or two, seek advice from a medical professional.

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To make homemade eye drops, you must purchase a few items. First, you will need an eyedropper. You also can purchase them online in larger quantities 1. Second, use distilled organic water. Check your local natural-foods chain or grocery store. Never use water from a tap, because it is not purified and can be less sanitary than natural distilled water.

Fresh gotu kola leaves dosage

Next, you will need a fresh box of baking soda and a container of salt 1. Both are available at natural-foods, health food or grocery stores.

Finally, you will need a measuring cup, a measuring spoon and a pan to sterilize the eye dropper and solution. Next, measure 1 cup of distilled organic water. Mix well. Pour into pan and boil for a minute to sterilize the mixture.

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Allow the mixture to cool completely before using. Be careful because you don't want to injure your eyes with a mixture that is too hot. When the solution is cool, use the sterilized eye dropper and add two drops to each affected eye. Before each use, sterilize the mixture and the eye dropper again.

Do not use the mixture more than twice per day. Remember, this mixture and this recipe is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. First, boil the eye dropper in water to sanitize it. Julie Maria Anderson is an author and website designer from Pennsylvania. She has written for over 5 years for different websites including Associated Content, ghostwriting projects, and her own website on a variety of subjects including health, family and child issues, and education.

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Recipe: Homemade Honey Lemon Cough Drops with Ginger

Diseases and Injuries. Written by Julie Maria Anderson. If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

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